Common IT Challenges

Finding time for development teams to integrate existing internal systems and API’s with external systems can be difficult. We know your time is valuable and that every minute saved on one project is time allocated to another.

Limited IT Resources

Don’t have enough development resources or time?

Consistent Bugs

Are you repeatedly fixing the same issues time-and-time again?

Lacking API Capabilities

Already have a “good enough” system in place?

Objection 1:

"We don't have the budget for new technology."


Revenue Generating Technology

Bedrock isn't just another technology expense for enterprise organizations. We can generate revenue for our partners via our recovery audit and pay solutions, and save countless manual hours and resources by tailoring an intuitive, automated onboarding and verification experience for teams. Companies who utilize Bedrock digitally transform the way they handle supplier management and recognize significant time and cost savings from a completely automated tool. When additional support is needed, our team takes care of it on your behalf!

Objection 2:

"We already have systems in place that work well."


Innovative Supplier Management Tools

Bedrock’s new technological systems integrate seamlessly with pre-existing IT systems to streamline operations and improve workflow. While your current systems work well, the additional integration of Bedrock’s technologically advanced systems will further reduce maintenance and update needs. Reduce limitations created by an outdated and stagnant system by offloading that work to us.  

Objection 3:

"We don't have the resources to implement and maintain the new technology."


Low Commitment APIs

Bedrock takes a phased implementation approach tailored to your goals, while accommodating for your team's available resources, by providing guidance and support to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to adequately maintain the new technology every step of the way.

Objection 4:

"We don't have time to implement new technology right now."


Fast Bi-directional Connections

Bedrock has standard APIs that provide bi-directional connections from the Bedrock portal directly to any ERP, P2P, or other internal technology that is used for supplier management by procurement and AP teams.

Objection 5:

"We're not sure if the new technology is secure."


Secure Cloud-based Platform

Bedrock is a secure cloud-based platform that takes data security and integrity seriously. We are SOC 2 Type 2 certified, encrypt your data in transit and at rest. We also offer a wide range of additional tools and resources to keep you one step ahead of malicious threats. With Bedrock, you can be sure your data and assets are safe and secure.