What are the security and compliance considerations procurement teams need to keep in mind when adopting new technology solutions?

Procurement teams play an essential role in technology adoption, as they are responsible for choosing the right solutions for their organization. As such, it is important to consider both security and compliance when selecting new technologies, as these can have a significant impact on organizational success. Here are some key elements procurement teams should keep in mind when evaluating a potential solution:

By following these steps, procurement teams can make sure that any new technology solutions they adopt offer adequate security and compliance measures, helping to safeguard their organization’s data and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Why is it important that procurement teams keep in mind security and compliance considerations?

Organizations must ensure they are procuring goods and services from trustworthy sources that adhere to established standards of compliance.

By taking these simple measures, organizations can guarantee their purchases are made safely and securely with minimal risk of non-compliance.

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